Within the deep green foliage 
I see colors promising
To burst up through the day’s wreckage 
And say that all’s okay
But I’m telling you 
I tell myself
All they are 
Are liars


Do you wish it weren’t so blue
Or even bluer still 
Are you wondering just how vast
And just how deep the thrill
If you stripped off the leather 
With the stigma of our skin
And charged, full speed, down that Great Bluff
Reversing that Great Sin

i cut my hair

I lay quiet
And dragged your presence into the room
When it washed over me
It washed over me
We transcended me
I seemed high then

Then I remembered canvas and color
I remembered black
And black and white and grey
Suddenly all there was 
Was the smell of burned maple syrup
It seems I fell then