Can we agree that everyone’s “About” description of themselves is both evolving and immovable at the same time?  As you will see from my daily writings, I am evolving into a more mature and wise person — we all are, but in the meantime, we have much to say that is of great value and encouragement to others.  What will remain immovable “About” me is that I am glad to be a fierce and consummate champion of people who understand that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” -quote attributed to Aristotle.

This page is small now, and it too will evolve into something greater as long as we can feel free to use this page as a forum to speak.  Know that you have a place at the table here.  I would enjoy learning what you want to say.  Here are issues you might find me talking about:

One Classroom at a Time:  How may individuals and business organizations become involved in local classrooms in an effort to effect positive change in our childrens’ learning experience, one classroom at a time?  I’m a big believer in not trying to eat the whole elephant at once.  If you are currently taking such action or know of others who are, share those examples here.

Water Conservation:  Offer simple, immediately action-able ideas on how individuals and business organizations may work together with political leaders to create policies and implement strategies to manage fresh water in order to protect the environment and meet human need.  No idealism needed here, just discussion which recognizes and seeks to address the absolute and urgent nature of the issue.

Humans Have Intrinsic Value:   Discussion that encourages every individual to internalize the belief that we each have value which is not tethered to the viewpoints of another.  An individual’s value is intrinsic and it is rich and it is fact.  Many are blessed to have been raised to understand this and have not strayed from that understanding.  Some who once had that understanding have lost it in the “fray” of life’s relationships and circumstances.  Others have never understood their value.  What do YOU want to say here that will help convince others of their value?

Hope Wins:  The Bible mentions it hundreds of times throughout, plus I wrote a poem stating that it does, so it must be true.  Those who have no interest in the Bible, please don’t be scared off – as mentioned above, there is a place at the table for EVERYONE here.  But at the end of the day, what makes you willing to put your head on the pillow with the wish that you’ll open your eyes in the morning?  Hope.  Let’s discuss from where it is we derive hope.

About YOU:  What human character traits impress or underwhelm you?  Who are your favorite people and why?  What quotes impact your thinking and create action in you?  What things are going on in your piece of the world that you want others to know about?

(Housekeeping – The beauty and the danger of encouraging everyone to use this page as a forum is that there will be a wealth of perspective available here, but also many “seagulls” may visit.  So I ask you: don’t drop and leave.  Rather, stay and dialogue.  I will always respond to all posts.  I promise to do my best at following what I believe is a cardinal rule, “If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.”  ―Anaïs Nin)

© Lisa Mae Rosier and LisaRosier.com, November 2013-Present. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Lisa Mae Rosier and LisaRosier.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

42 thoughts on “About

    • Zainab, it’s fantastic of you to take the time to encourage another writer. Thank you! I’m eager to continue developing my writing and sharing with others. Your writings also inspire me, so thanks for that inspiration, too.

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    • Jason B. Ladd: “When I’m not flying fighter jets, I’m spending time with family, reading, or writing.” Those efforts, and the issues you write about on your site, are a fantastic use of one’s focus and energies. I am really looking forward to your writings and, as the mom of a young son, I am especially thankful for your dedication to writing from a spiritual perspective.

  2. Thanks for following my blog Lisa, I love your writing and will definitely pop in to read and comment. Looking forward to the discussions that might arise… :D)

  3. Hi Lisa, I found your ‘About’ page very interesting – you post a lot of valuable topics for discussion. I wanted to ask whether you plan on writing posts on any of these topics, so that people might use the comments section for each to discuss the area you’re writing about more specifically?

    • Yes, that is my definite plan — to play with my home page and create tabs for each of those given topics, then archive my daily posts under its respective tab. I’m glad that seems logical to you too and that you think more discussion would be generated that way. I just haven’t gotten as far as to better edit my site yet. Once I’ve done that in the next couple weeks, may I touch base with you again to get your feedback?

      • Of course, I’d be delighted to give some feedback, thank you for asking.

        Give me a shout when you make the updates and I’ll have a look 🙂

  4. Thank you for this invitation to your table. I hope to offer immediately action-able ideas that move people to express their respect for everyone’s value.

    I ate up all that Anais wrote and said, when I was a young adult. I was fascinated by what she did with words to create vivid imagery and emotion. I appreciated and was inspired by her high standards for writers. I do not recall the words you quoted. Thanks for sharing them. They are as true as she. When I don’t write, I suffocate and wilt.

  5. Many apologies for the typo in my previous comment. Please replace it with:

    I would like to honor you with a Liebster Award. Please click on the award link for details.

    Briefly, Liebster Awards are for promoting new blogs that have few followers. You can accept the award by creating a post that recommends (and links to) a few new bloggers. Then, to help your readers get to know you better, you can answer the question that I posed to my nominees: “At my new correctional facility, meals are nourishing and appealing. What is your favorite nourishment?” You can then ask the bloggers whom you nominate to answer a question of your choice. Then, please link back to my post to let my readers know that you accepted your award.

    You can retain your nomination, even if you do not accept the award.

    I hope you enjoy being nominated. Thank you for all that you share.

  6. I must have been directed here by God’s Hand–I am struggling with issues of “no value” and “no hope” (even though God speaks throughout His Word that I’m valuable to Him, and that He is my hope–I’m a long-time Christian, but depression doesn’t skip over God’s kids). Thanks for the opportunity to read great poetry here.

    • Hey, Hi! Part of me wants to ask, “Who did that to you -who made you feel that you should question your value?” The other part of me knows that’s not the important question and, rather the important question is, “Do you know the truth -what God says about your value?” It sounds like you do. Cling to it -His belief in your worth, His promise that He will see His plan to prosper you and give you hope finished in you. What would we do without Him in the grey and dark moments that sometimes come from out of nowhere? Who would we thank when we feel at ease? I’m actively searching and praying daily for His peace to be present in all of us even when circumstances surrounding us as individuals and as a society are not always peaceful. Life is strange and sometimes seems unworthy of hope but His word says He wants us to enjoy life and have that hope after all. Can we keep in touch?

      • Thank you, Lisa, for your lovely words of encouragement–it is not easy to confess depression, when Christian’s are supposed to be the happiest people on earth! I LOVE God, truly I do–and I KNOW He is with me right now, all the time, as He’s promised to Never Leave Us. I used to have a chair I never sat in–it was “God’s Chair”, and I always smiled with secret glee when non-believing guests sat in “His lap”! It was good to have that concrete visual of His Presence–but I did give the chair away to a neighbor (he doesn’t know God now resides in his living room, whether he likes it or not!).

        I could say tons more, but I’ll surely regret exposing myself. Thank you again for your words.

    • When someone writes or creates another type of artistry that gives me pause, I’m always moved to write to them of my appreciation. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me your impressions. Really.

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