She dressed up
Silly little, frilly little

For him, for her
Can her smile truly know?

Were the days
Was her heart
Not pretty enough?

Why dress up
Why wrap in shining paper
Already there, forever there

The World whispered so

Clover Inside

The let-go girl, I tell you
See her, be her
Lest they make certain you’ll wish you were her
Your time for helping about
For tending clover, for being home
Gone, then
Wilted, without having seen the sun
Cancelled, before commencement
So plant your smile inside you now
Let go, girl


I know the something borrowed
Lace of the finest quality
Painstakingly tethered, stitch by stitch, to hopes and holy, holy covenants

The Queen and her heartless Jack
As jesters, and, despite the diamond, danced that old medieval dance, anew each day
I know the something blue

O’ Our Stars

Not obtuse
Not acute
Not Hell-bent for the stars

I must go
I must be
I must give what is ours

If you look
If you ask
If you promise what’s true

You will find
You will learn
You will become who’s you


This Business
Leftover sandwiches and lies
Ignoring the Goddess of you

The light at the table, blasphemed away
Slighted before,
But come now

Bring your intellect and intuit
Let us peace-make and pray
Let us paint anew