This morning in wondering
Wandering thoughts
If I, in your stead
Tough and stuff
Stepped into your shoes
Learned and all
Walked up to me
Enlightened as you are
And took it all back
Reversed course
Been soft
Apologized properly
Loved Actually
What then?
So I did this
For you
For me
For I have become what I was
But better, baby


When love won’t leave you
And asks, “Why should I?”
All audacious and unapologetic and such
Promising glow
Yet demanding descent into grey
Leave behnd the toxic whirr
Walk away from someday


Tonight has been on the horizon
A reigning in of the Darkness
Some strange, familiar one
An actual other
Seeking to strangle The Light

See we beyond borders
See we hope
And unable to let go of it
Be away you will
Familiar stranger

Sorry Love

Redeemed I am by you
In ways I’ll come to know
‘tho I am beginning to suspect
It will look like a deepening of my faith
In God
In man

Be redeemed my friend
Within each Precious breath
‘tho you’ve long since crossed that blessed bridge
It feels good, does it not, and so we
Say sorry
No more