No heart involved
It is the skin
It is the thick and the tender
That the blind won’t abide
That the visionary won’t avoid 
The rough and the soft
The sweat, the tears, the blood
Which ought run free
Which prove the day-in and day-out
To beautify that veneer
To strengthen the hearts involved 


On the surface there’s shine 
Polished and forged
So as to showcase
A most lovable lie

Their accolades, yours
As my ears cringe 

For there is that shallow, shallow heart
Dulled early 
Tilled over
By one finely chiseled intellect

That what fear, I fear to wonder
They can never hear

Corona Effect

My eyes would soften
When you come around
They could not help themselves

I cannot now know
But I do imagine
You’d cause me a peace I’ve not known

A secret elation brought on
As when light bursts surround
The silhouetted profile someone we love

Worst Kindness

Words in blue and black

Shouting  from the wall

Under the guise of favor

Each day… someday…

With one decision today

I took you down

And all my eyes hear now?

Rustling flora on dogwoods

Happy at the bird on their branches

As Soon As It Could

All of the sudden
The sky appeared
And I touched the shadows against it
It came with a sound
I saw the wind
And I couldn’t care whether facts fit 

In hues of blue
It startled my thoughts
And I knew no lack of the sun
Suddenly sleep
Felt less the to-do
And ’twas clear, The dark had not won