An angle you’re at, you are

Do you do it,

Position yourself that way

Knowing, waiting, at long last, for the day

My eyes will recognize the proper approach?

Not Illegal

We ache, don’t we

Our trudging, persevering waves

Our praying to not fade away into the vintage

We make you hurt, all we want

The warmth of some sun wrapped so permanently around us

That the days of being exposed and cold….

And alone

In the heat

Be behind us

Can you do that?

I will not fear you and where you may take me

What you might say or whether it offends the offenders

I only know that this is a golden year

And I, a golden girl in the making now, must embrace it


A beautiful jigsaw of a puzzle


So Puzzling

Most diligently contemplated


Then Completed

Thrown to the air as confetti


In spite

I, now called to intentionality


And restore


I am never going to tell.

I’ll talk circles around them when they inquire and railroad them as they pry. I’ll question their questioning, “Isn’t it obvious?” I’ll ask.

And should they speculate, I’ll lead them on, Westward, with the same come-hither look in my eyes that you gave me.

You taught me what I’ll teach them: Find the glory…find you’re gold.


So much talk and so many voices

Weighing down and weighing in

But still unanswered to my mind

How many light years and lifetimes

Given how alike and unlike our hearts

Are you from touching me