Looked Far

Lest you take me, lies, like Jupiter’s gravity, I send you away, as a test by one being tested, that I might measure and dare the firmament, to learn with interplanetary certainty, whether you’re mere stardust, passing through…or the stormy and beautiful consequence of all my years of staring heavenward.


We all have the look of alone, alone

Save for the duo who just strolled through the revolving door

They look alone together

The cheerleader in me asks them to embrace here and now

And be grateful for the together part

What of this urge to cheer for them…and then I remember

Be content with this, never want for more


All the noise, the propaganda

The truthless, loveless bombs

Only the aftermath to deal with

Each season is Winter again

Yesterday is unrecognizable

Today is unbearable

Tomorrow, there’s no one to trust

Not even the flowers

In full bloom one day

Content to take their leave the next


It is as if

When laying on the grass

Face to the sky

Which we all do

We see high noon through one eye

And midnight through the other

Which we all don’t

Bright then Dark

Breakneck speed

It is enough

Like a Lover

I always step outside, in the daylight and in the dark, and see whether I see stars, and ask whether they see me, and, notwithstanding the clouds or the position of the sun, I do beseech them, tell me: Do you see him, is he outside seeing you, asking and beseeching too, and is he looking this way…my way?


I think, given this headache

All is credible and nothing is possible

See here, these long-deceived eyes

All the mimicry as parallels and delusion

Well, heart, or rather, once-well heart

You will run the defense once again

ink dogs

An abrasion there, on an inky finger, both hard-earned

Zest and zeal in the palm of a humble hand

Awestruck there

The noise is different down here, though

Mad-dogs and hurricanes at your back

A inhumane society nipping at random achilles

Sleepless here