Super, and Care-Full With Your Pen, Mannerisms, and Metaphor

Sonny, (I can call you that because I’ve grey and am much older than you)
You don’t look like a man who’dve (proper grammar? I surely don’t care)
Said what you said (but you said it, and it stole my heart)
In Chapter 25 (chapter twenty-five., to be precise)
Or even a man who’dve been able to “focus” this long (though you lay claim to seeing its virtue, so I’ll believe you)
Given the amount of time (I’ve spent more than my fair share of it and secretly believe it’s ubiquitous)
And number of exhalations I know (I know) it took away
From your habitual daydreaming (I’ve a penchant for it, too)
I could (sadly, I will) continue sharing unrequited love-jabs here
But it’s late and the (glorious, but damned) mosquitoes have made their entrance
So I laugh (always — most often at myself), and tuck your bookmark (thanks) in my bra strap (ha) instead of your book (your book, bravo) and go inside for the night (and, how dare you quote Whitman?!)
Goodnight (goodnight)

Hope Automatic

I wish you away
The Valentine’s Day
50 pounding headaches ago

Sanely spoke
Tread purposefully
Smiled, generally

Hope was automatic
The mirror and I, friends
I walked free of you then

Spring forward to Saturday
This happy day
Rearview mirrors ripped away
Now comes Springtime

From Under the Grey

I cheer weird

Arms, akimbo

Eyes, alight

Crazy-vocal vocal chords

People shush me

Wish to hush me

But they know who’s the go-to

When they wish for a true-blue friend

They know who to see

When, at the bottom of the deep blue sea

They need to believe again

Themselves, befriend

Inhibition-free, unapologetically

Cheerleader me


Do you think back on which days were warm
It was eternally morning
No clock messing with you
11:11am, all the time
Arms overhead
Clear head

What’s with all the ice, now, too early to the party
All the shutdowns
All roads some surprise mess
5:55pm, and always grey
Sunrise, where are you
Please rise