Mea Culpa

DID YOU KNOW: Asylum seekers, -our brothers and sisters from Mexico and Central America- present themselves at the United States’ territorial borders, desperately seeking to assimilate with a nation that will offer law and order, protection, dignity, and liberty -since we will not go into their countries to insure it- when indeed, the United States’ foreign and economic polices have created environments where terror, violence, and corruption flourish in the first place? #NAFTA #CAFTA


I imagine the universe echoes us all
At some point distant, or close
Rings back like a lover, or brother, or friend
Then, silence -when you need them most

It’s possible love transcends murderous words
In subsequent lifetimes, or past
A dynamite stick, burning from both the ends
Its light soon to fizzle, it’s heat a mere flash

El Fin

I’ve been reading about you
A page-turner on your ways
How to Act like you
Visible, yet invisible
How to look like you
Cold, broad shoulders and all

No information I’ve found
Promises ease
Today, though
I’ll finish the book
How To Leave

Pretend Pancakes

Often the illusion

Gets the better of me

And I become sure

That you’re my very blood, born of the Right Stuff too

That the Supernatural said we should know each other and made it so

That you’re sorry -you’re just shy, so you haven’t hello

That you actually do wear that damn green T-shirt and pray for me each day