This Is Ugly

Where is the fire
Turn your eyes in every which way
There's the sense of hypocrisy
Deep in these hearts

Where is their fire
When all around there is such need
Abled-hand we and knowing mind
Is seems that there is no care

Where is our fire
Something is burning
The stench of it fills the nostrils
We've been warned against the lukewarm

Gabled Walls

We are the In
The Middle
Absorbing and reflecting back
All the inspiration they have inside

We are the Many
The Gate
Herding and harnessing 
All the good they long to give

They Touched

I heard him begin to breathe deep
Even breaths
Slipping away into sleep
Garrison Keillor on the radio 
If there’s ever a doubt
That the universe exists 
As much in us as we in it
Watch and listen
To a child
And a storyteller
At the same time


And it all went black
There in the moment I realized
Nobody makes promises anymore
No one has courage 
Take vows from the ink 
Make them come alive
And the heat lightning rap-rap-rap-rapping
‘gainst my glass window pane
Will not prompt me to doubt 
It all went black