It is an unexpected hour 
Not too late
Not too early
Enough light so that we can still hear
So go back and look again
Do you see the soft shadows asking 
Don’t disengage 
Do you feel the air giving 
Reasons to stand

All Gone

The gods seized my feathers
And gave me in exchange
gossamer wings
Because they knew that I must fly
You stole my shoes 
And mocked my innermost:
“dance, will you?”
Because you planned to watch me writhe


Why am I out of breath,
You bastard from out of the depth?
What say you, that I’m strung out,
You potion that does confound?
Where remove my sandals, I’d kneel,
You place that I pray cease to feel. 


Come, world
Come crashing down
Just as you have threatened

While we stand up straight

Just as we have prepared
Come watch our audacious dance
Come, world 


Itching and tired
For silk against flannel 
But why
Would you wish to know all that
You wouldn’t 
Would you
What good would it do


No heart involved
It is the skin
It is the thick and the tender
That the blind won’t abide
That the visionary won’t avoid 
The rough and the soft
The sweat, the tears, the blood
Which ought run free
Which prove the day-in and day-out
To beautify that veneer
To strengthen the hearts involved 


On the surface there’s shine 
Polished and forged
So as to showcase
A most lovable lie

Their accolades, yours
As my ears cringe 

For there is that shallow, shallow heart
Dulled early 
Tilled over
By one finely chiseled intellect

That what fear, I fear to wonder
They can never hear