Starship Human

When a hole so vast
All recollection of gravity be long lost
When atmosphere’s touch 
When sudden flares of solar light
Startles so to trigger a hurricane

What red-stained firmament
Marks tears visible light years away
What evidence is there
What proof of life
Or hope for hereafter 

Such Dust

There on a Sunday
Putting your fingerprints everywhere
I hoped it was a labor of love
When you looked down at the sawdust 
I wish I’d bothered you and asked

Wednesday morning, now
May my late words catch up to you
You take that space 
You make it
Like no other
You breathe new life here
I’ll stop in soon


From a far away spot
To the center of my heart
I know you’ll find your way
I bet you’ll be an alien
To all I’ve ever asked
Pretend, will you?
As I acclimate 

To say that so much stardust
So far
Left me dazed
And more than underwhelmed
Would be the best
So far