a fortiori

Why the grown hawk would struggle on
The wind
I cannot know

I've seen it, though
And desiring
To help things along for regalness sake

I reached up on high
In prayer
To see burden lifted, compass-mark found

Next June

I decree
I'll laugh
Wide-eyed and incredulous
That giggles shall cascade down my back
Then curl 'round my elbows

I imagine
I'm gleeful
Careless, as my high school girl self
That the boy I kissed goodbye
Then I'll see again

Call It

My own words
The crystalline voice that is my own
From my clean heart
With none clouded thought

In silence, hear

Your peace awaits
Friend you were, friend you'll be
Born of love
Return complete

Jennifer’s Smile

To every her I want to ask
What potion possess you?
What sensibility secures?
How is it when you close your eyes
You sink and smile and sleep
And when you travel two
To foreign lands
How is it you're at Home
Would you have a talk with me
To set my path straight-way
That I would know what you do right
And I did wrong each day

Torn Sky

I need you night
Stand still
I'll breathe shallow
Lest I disrupt cricket song
Watch I will, and wait
To not rush you along

Come upon me dawn
Harp and birdsong shrill
Let my senses have you
Creation, tell me, "hark!"
Gentle, speak thee,
Tick none tocks toward dark


In a different lifetime, a wild storybook
Or a dragon's imagination
We knew love

Our footsteps, in perfect unison
Sword of some sort in hand
Caused commotion

I slept easily, you breathed free
Foreheads upward aimed
This liberated others

This is to say nothing, to reveal no secrets
Of our electric touch
Dragons won't tell