The Campaign

Hiding here
For ten years now
In fear or some similar thing
Built without my permission
Tried I did at logic-play
Slapped down
In favor of tastier aesthetics
The lure of shine
Of postured fun
Having now run its course
I stand behind it all
‘Twas true
You don’t know Me
I don’t know You

The Ring

I imagine
Viscerally so
The blows would arrive
As if from the Andes
On albatross wings
Swift, strong, strategic
Were I to stand again

But I toss my hat
I await a bell
You will not hear


I saw him as dallying
In the rain
‘though so what if he was
That little old soul
That curious soul
When what was it, Actually
‘cept pursuing The truth
The absolute truth
The noblest of things….


We Sleuth

Whether ink or lead
Or in aerosoled hue
I own thee, my friend
Placed my mark upon you

It’s your fault, inspirer
You’ve caused my daydream
Your borderless pages
From which you Love-scream

Never stop speaking
Such fanciful truth
I fight with you, write with you
Together we sleuth

(Original Thought Credit:
“Books make excellent companions.”
-James Howe)