The sky must roll its eyes

“Oh, her again,”

As I send up well-wishes and adoration

Devotions that rightfully belong to you

But it’s either release my heart’s secrets heavenward

Or keep them from the beautiful light of day

As your ears are off-limits

And I won’t trespass to love

The Meeting

Sink into uncertainty

Sink into the day

Presuming your preparedness will greet you half-way

And ‘though you feel helpless, believe that you’re not

When doubt asks for its due

Tell it, “I have not “

Emerge Again

To you, girl

Sister to Sister

My sole and loving admonition

If there be trust, if there be hope

It will be found in your eyes

Your eyes

Where they gaze

How they see

And the choosings they reflect upon

I make much of words with you

Made-up words, maybe

But your eyes, I know well

I know the Who you believed in

And still believe

In Your eyes

Within Your grasp

As the narcissi beneath the freeze

There be reason for trust and hope

Name This Poem

When you suppose your eyes

Close them whenever, what do you see


I see flowers that belong to you, although I have no proof

But it is your stare

From my best recollected memory

Through this whirlwind storm God permits

And this calm

From which I build my case


Eager to honor Sunday’s silence

Today’s truth shall advance with a gentle, sweeping motion

Holding at bay metal-and-plastic grind against concrete

Until Monday beckons me, eager again

Set Apart

What if an angel is all that you were made to be

A guardian with no human arms in the ever of time to guard you

A servant among an army of servants, hosting the faint and heartsick

A consecrated one, bringing stranded souls back together

What if God’s breath is the all you were made to be