I have been to lavender fields on what you might call
“A great day.”
Oh that the flowers would have told me,
“Love buds not with him — come fast away!”
He’ll not pray that you sit
He’ll not fight the good fight
He’ll not be by your side ‘til the end
You’re the bride and the groom
You’re your own epic bloom
You’re your bravest and loving best friend

Certain Eyes

Have you gotten lost
In the way a person’s lips move
As their certain eyes betray the world‘s lies
As they speak on what is absolute
On what is true
Truly good
Beautiful, absolutely

As they share the epic story
Do you see reflecting from their intent gaze upon the author of history

In Stead

Take what you gave
What they so freely took

Un-name it
Re-name it
Yours again now
To own
To celebrate
To sing and dance about

To hold

Now This instead of That

To release
As You Wish
And never for takers to taste

Steel Me

Wherever is my friend
Magnolia tree in her front yard

Alternating flecks of shade ‘n sun
Upon my weakened shoulders

As I walk under it and set a spell
A good cry comes

A goodbye cry, finally
To all the disease now felled