Ms. March

She, in her warmth
Feels without question
As a cool cloth to the forehead

The solar flare she wears
Increasingly into the night
Declares darkness no longer a dread
But a mystery to move through
Past the lesser light
Back to dawn’s delight

Revolve ‘round her
Thrive with her
She, in her warmth

Galactic Gale

Would you, dear Earth, leave me to be, as I dwell ‘neath your blanket of sky

To taste, unattached by these gravities here, of our galaxy’s fervent hope cry

Relentlessly tethered, I helplessly feel that I cannot know her secret tales

Unless you calm-quietly, wait as I seek, reach, and grasp the next galactic gale!

Capital I

I’ll invoke increasing ire
“How dare she,” they’ll surely declare, haughtily
“We want war — sacrifice is what she’s for!”

Cameras and courtrooms
Chaos and cartoons

I’m irksome
Ironic, too, I’m told
Relationships of sinking ships
I Quit
I Quit
I Quit

Case of The Century
Grand. Beginning. Finally.
Me, at the center

Interfering Waves

I wouldn’tve known she wore a cross ‘round her neck
And fought valiantly to an end
Having said, “Thank you,” to the sea
That surprise-opponent-turned-friend

Would she have been allowed as many stars in her crown
If, for days, upon months, turned to years
She’d not put her pen down
To feel, then to tell — hostile witness, to interfering tears?

Kid Comet

Come get me
Streaming, silvery
Steal me
Wrap ‘round me
Shed we — now, together, we
Icy un-necessities

Please take me
Sunward, bring me
Show me
Civilization dawn
Asking, I, of thee
All the while, power me
Now to my true home


What if I

Of dust, breath, and rib

Too, picked you

— Obliterated matter, and ground-bound

And breathed

Christ-like fellowship

Into you

Stood by your side

And we walked together, thence?


Know you are loved
No matter what
No matter the blurry bygone dreams for Paris
Whether withering and feeling dry-dead
Wondering what of this salt and this sea
Pensive be
Whether you love me
I love you

Inspirational credit: “…Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.” -Jeremiah 31:3