I miss bad judgment 
I miss the sin
I want to put on
That old coat again

This straight and narrow 
Feels far too wrong
I miss the lightning
Come thunder’s song

His Holy Truth

Things are not what we thought
And in the morning, we wake and learn
Nothing is as we were told 
This was all spin
Swinging, as a tired disco ball
There is that standing truth
Upright and all
Vertically oriented
Waving at us in this bad wind:
Let go
Let go
At the same time, love it all


Kindness is why the World
Rises or falls
Thrives or survives 
Why after the fairy tale ends
We walk
Together or apart
Kindness, it means the world 

Kindness is whether 
I serve you donuts
You serve me coffee
Whether when the sun dips low
We rest
Fine or fitfully 
Kindness no matter the weather


I want the Spring to redeem me
The Lake to heal me

I want salvation for my soul
My heart rinsed and made whole

I want the wild, wild to steal me
The West to bring me home

I want this at any cost
I’ve a dime and a half lifetime to spend

Stricken With Purpose

What of the bitter
Since I’ve known sweet
When I’ve caused distance
You’ve drawn me near
I cannot unknow
Understanding You’ve giv’n
If there be cracks in cement
We’ll place jewels there
For flowers

Not weeds shall grow here

Freedom Day

I feel the Fall air fading
Because June wants to be balmy today 
And I wish it to be

I sense my warm heart willing
Because tomorrow I’ll be mid-life
And I plan to beat statistics and lies

I feel and I sense
Because I’ve a sixth sense
And I hope to be your poetry

Day Ok

Different now
He’s older
So am I 
So is he
We are different now
We were once three
And we were We
Now it’s he and he
He and me
Great, still

Grand Village

I entered school less than best-dressed
But jazzed them nonethess 
With my knowing
At home, they did their best 
My God! They were kids
What had they that I might glean
‘though, they gave me a closet of dresses
Sometimes ragged denim 
And space decorated with what kids need
Animals, charicatures, loveliness, love
I put it all on 
That my height not betray
My child’s age
I came away from those tall years
Not half bad

I went back in a dream
Early one day
Spent from the years of adult nonsense 
Wearing again ragged denim
Too short for my legs
I chose to hide foraging
In some school closet 
For someone else’s clothes 
That I’d fit in
That I’d not look to old for him
Too young for them
That they’d understand my intellect
My heart
I’m happy to say, nearing the end, I am
Not half-bad