Spring Green

There was in that dark house
A dark corner
Barricaded by a bookcase
Shelves of borrowed, unused wisdom
Visitors might only glimpse

One trying afternoon
Two deja vu’s too many
A final conversation
A one-sided determination
A voice overdue journeyed forth

And She Said
Let there be light
For She Knew
There should be light
There can be color

There in the aftermath
A dark mess
Cobwebs and chipped paint
A different bookcase revealed
She scrubbed and painted Green



Will you be there for me?
You will be there for me.

Will you know what to say?
You will know what to say.

Will you Listen to me?
With your ear to my heart.

In the dark, what of that?
You will reflect my light.

When I hope, may we meet?
You are Hope embodied.

Warrior, Defender

What is this we say
Words have power?
To send them out as little soldiers
Do we?
Dressed in armor plus tiny swords
Or in humility, altogether naked
Regardless revealing our hearts

When with any thought
Words can heal?
To speak them forth as mighty ministers
Ought I?
What bidding do I demand of them
Or in vulnerability, lowly ask
No matter what I stand to lose

Copper Daughters

Some of these
Cannot convey just joy
Created and groomed and put on display
Somber storytellers and hope-beacons
Unable to deny
There’s reason to smile, to shine
But not fully
There’s cause to rise
But only as high as the least


The Dark Side

I cried, how dare I!
I cried over cat food today
How it covered
Her nose and eyelashes
My hands and my vision
How it lingered
The way snowflakes might stay
Were we not dark princesses
Standing at the sink twice today
Cleaning her face and my heart
Hoping that tears and time
Will somehow free us
From the stench
From the mess and disaster
Of our love

Not Enough Miles Away


I, having opted instead for distraction
Skipped the moon crawling across the sky
For, if not for wishes
What’s the moon for

I, having once been the one
Wishes felled from her lips
A woman of goodness asking of gods
Who hoarded her pleadings

I, having looked away now, see
Their entertainment satisfied
By the light of the moon
Just another satellite