The Door

I mean for you to become as the ether
Where I, with unwilling wings
Content not to soar, reach
Or grasp
Dance in the green, green grass

I cast a spell upon your senses
Where I, with unyielding heart
Serenity’s scent on my smile
And your ears straining
Sing and you’ll not taste a note


Miner’s Pick-ax

We wonder about whether to pursue the gold, giv’n to many of us as our birthright.
What of the cost, where ought we place it for safekeeping?
Sometimes wisdom begs, shouldn’t we be satisfied with silver?
Eureka! I thought this morning so loud you surely heard me.
Is the gold we claim our own? Increasingly we learn…it’s all somebody else’s alloy. An alchemist had been before us. Pouring trickery, then pulling heartstrings.
I, myself, thank the illusionist for that sweetest Summer. Warm, golden, nothing but refreshing theory. I laugh now and see the moving, invisible hand.
Take we back our minds and hearts. Go forth to the drivers seat, the miner’s pick-ax in hand. Seek silver!

Steph: An Epic Poem

I think,
Would be Stephanie
A love I didn’t know I needed
A friend from a Friend
Both martyred
For, what are true friends for?

Would have gifted me
A kind word
A wise word
Both since otherwise elusive in my world
For, looking back, what did I expect?

Steph, we’d have called her,
Would be a poem -nay, is a poem
A poem and sister to a brother
A work of art with no end, they are
Both Epic story-songs
For, hear thou, their lyrical air?

Would be safe from me now
A sword of truth having pierced my soul
A prayer of forgiveness asked
Both to self and sin, I desire to die
For what, but abandonment, is there?

Would be thirty soon
A soul eternal
A girl, a woman
Both alive
For, ‘tho I don’t deserve, why too am I?

Steel Drum

Tell me again how the sun is ahead
How the radical winds cannot halt it
Show me how I might squint my eyes
So the mountains seem nearer to me
Describe every detail, every edge
The hammered silver crown atop our heads
As the sound of steel drums shines on


Great God

Wrap myself in trouble. Get inside its head. What’d it wish to teach me? Did it wish me dead?

It took my mind’s money. It pilfered my time. That I gave it all my heart, was my biggest crime.

As I speak, it’s storming -inside and outside. I may weep, but lift my chin, and in the truth abide.

I am mi-rac-u-lous. I am where it’s at.
I own the night, I own the day -whatchu think ’bout that?

I no longer worry. I’ve seen the mountaintop! When I wish to walk your way, my Great God helps me stop.

Did you think you licked me, with your fiery reign? I woke from your ashes, baby -come at me again.



my voice evidenced
the most beautiful of white billowing
powered beyond the universe
since you decided never
now i sing of raindrops
silent, steady-falling