This skin likes the morning light
The way the Sun sounds
When all’s alright
I wonder what hour the tides tend to turn
When adrenaline’s glow
Becomes exhaustion’s yearn


Route 66

Confused by contrasts 
The world may tilt its head
And wonder whether 
Our will is pure
Or has lost its way

He’s not taken aback
And cannot manufacture concern
If in one breath 
Lungs profess His glory
Then in the next
They exhale and entertain
With dialated pupils
Deeper sighs
Sharper canines
Deltoids more deeply defined
Electric blush polka dots

And if with wanderlust
Our heartstrings conspire
To wrangle and lasso
The Auroras
The source of saffron
The Silk Road
The Amazon
Route 66
And all things in between
He won’t show surprise
He knitted that there