All Talk

She’s talking rhythmically
Of the good in goodbye
Gets me to thinking
Of the waiting and why

Everyone around him lives
While he waits to die
Sipping all-alone punch
In a house built on lies

Not Natural

Black diamond, I’m afraid
The day draws near
You’ll allay alone
You scare them so
They’ll ask, aroused
They’ll linger, then loiter
Then, taunted by some ego
They’ll tumble
You found them
You called them

Shane Instead

Four rhythmic beats
Two words in West Indies timbre
And I was taken aback

Back, when I was something then

Then again, back when I thought to dance
Those steps
Found me, easily

Those songs, those singers
Left me, heartily
Dancing alone, unknown
To me

Define Alone

We are alone, but looking less alone these days, these nights
A bit oxidized, without a second pair O’ eyes to tend to things too
And of gardens, flowers and florals seem to be in season into perpetuity
Libraries, are we, arent we?
May our posterity, should they someday see it so, pity us none


No almanac, none oracle
Nor history’s siren scream
But distraction, escapism
Forecasts the darkest dream

The future finds us lonely, friend
Though close is what we want
While we commune with empty eyes
As solitary haunts


Are you here to parade in my past

Marching, lock, stock and barrel

With all the should’ve-been soldiers

Never healed

Never having entrusted their hand

Am I here to remain unredeemed

Writhing, uncertainty everywhere

With all the versions of me

Never arrived

Never knowing anything but alone


Left alone, on an empty grey pier on a lake on high, a warm windstorm making its way through her hair, its force able and willing to carry her away to further aloneness somewhere, and she, sufficiently calm and willing, is nevermore afraid…never more.