Dustless Dirt Road

Somewhere a polished garnet -an anchor- has dropped

And it is dark and I cannot find it to lift it to continue on

If Any have known of these things then let Them too know this

It is as I have said: I love you for all of these lifetimes I’m given

Harken back to today and I wish

I wish you would stand, for I am leaving the table

I wish you would find me at my secret spot and whisper to me the secret joke on Earth that it is

I wish you would tell me I’m pretty to my eyes

I wish you would bring me all the flowers and I don’t care if they’re cut or holding tight to their roots and will muddy my hands

I wish after all this time you would not need a condition in order

In order to say my name

For all of This Life I’ve wished but I do no longer wish 

For what you do not know or see or want or would want to know or see

Tomorrow, with daylight, my Rock and Tether I will find and hoist and I will trust

I will trust you to tell Them I love Them and the way They love you