The Architects

Our table, looks like life got solved here
Pretty life
The time we had….

Our table, looks like love was made here
Hungry love
The time we had!

Location: Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio; Oak Park, Illinois

Function and Form

Maybe I had to fall
Probably I needed the thief
Or the cries of the world
Sound too distant to me

I’m sure my role was to sink 
Made for the dark of the deep
So when at last I ascend
I’ll know to bring others with me

Boston Block

The walk upstairs to the house of old
A welcome sensation
For an instant I longed
To receive its four pillars -columns standing true, proud
As my own
The chipped whitewash there and warped, seeded glass panes
Endeared me more, if possible
Than the western orientation, southern gardens and Boston Block
My four-legged friend thought to stay
At last!
But inside, too-small appointments