Then Flow

What right to realize, to move…to dance
To breathe, to be, then receive
The destruction, after all, was vast
The beautiful opportunity, now, at hand
To awaken, to erupt, then flow
What wrong to commit, to not move…to not dance

Rings and Trophies

To feel average again
Shuffling, schlepping
Commonplace companionship
Shopping for cozy and sundries
Is all I rage against

I’ve stepped onto some tundra
Passion, as Venus, accompanies me
Silver runs through my veins
Kisses while troublemaking
Too much sweetness to turn back

There are low moments
They become me, though
I look fine in such transition time
Intercepting the unsuspecting dark
Catch my breath then find the zone


Do I want your drink of water
Quenching my hard-earned oddities
Drowning the flame and heat of me
Dampening the hue of my hair
And this heart

Do I want your white-washing
Pretending away this good graffiti
Covering evidence of my depth
Ameliorating (ha!) my helping you see
Different is beautiful, too

Do I?