From Under the Grey

I cheer weird

Arms, akimbo

Eyes, alight

Crazy-vocal vocal chords

People shush me

Wish to hush me

But they know who’s the go-to

When they wish for a true-blue friend

They know who to see

When, at the bottom of the deep blue sea

They need to believe again

Themselves, befriend

Inhibition-free, unapologetically

Cheerleader me


I remembered I went and read to her
Her Cinderella stories that ruined my mind
But made hers fly

I believed 
My presence, my words, my faith
Held power

I was taught to believe,
And I damn well believed
Their poison would bring her back

She’d remember 
Wake up
And fly back to me

A whisper to me in the mid of Night
Made my feet fly

I believed
I knew that this faith 
Held power

Out the door
To his side
To tell of The story

How we need not fear
He’ll wake up
He’ll fly back to us

In each moment
It is said 
Possibility lives, breathes and flies

I must play The Realist 
And tell the Story
That holds power

You can’t claim
A single truth
Unless you first Believe

To you then, license inures 
Hope wakes up
And flies back to you

In Uppercase

Write their names in the sky
In blue and gold, forever scar the clouds
Let Them Believe
For when they believe you believe
They will seek all they are
And with an eagle’s eyes

Pick up Hope’s pen


I know it is my unbelief
That keeps me in this loop
But as I touch the white fur fringe
Of his red velvet suit
I ask again a second time 
For simply one small thing
The Ultra-Fantastic, Super-Fly, Retro Decoder Ring


I would watch this woman-girl

I noticed when it was that she looked helpless

She looked outward, upward maybe, but not on purpose

She’d settle then 

Today, I saw her mocked

She saw it too, straight away

Who would do this, I wondered, she wondered

Hopeless-believers, we knew it was someone

Begging her to look inward 

I would watch this woman

What Trust

Is there a reason not to do this?

Is there a reason not to tear out my mind, haul it to sea, throw it to the deep?

What right has it had to do the same to my heart?

Day after day, year after year.

May it be my mission.

I see no reason not to do this.