Here we sit excitedly
Free cookies!
Average age of “we’ll-never-tell”
Scratching our thinning crowns
Picking crumbs out of our aged cleavage
Just happy to be together, talking too loud
For our hearing is aided, these days
History and legacy
Is key


How would the rodents speak

What words would they say

“Yes, you, bring berries to your back yard

And all manner of citrus and apples alike

Fresh, full with fructose, on these barren of days

We planned well for the season

The Winter in May of the Spring

Evidence our good-faith actions

Our holes in diligence dug

Where we find once again, our daily bread

While our feathered Southern friends, oh!

How they need, need, need your hand

We’ll let them dine

We promise”

Watching Them

Red-blooded bird
Black mask stealing
Her olive heart

Full speed ahead
Swift wings chasing
Strong wings

Her tangerine mouth
Mocks that lovely feathered cone
Atop that busy head

She forages below
What does she know
He thinks


Was that photographed tree
Standing strangely tall above the tree line
An old soul of a sapling
Was he?

Were the smallest birds smart
Drawing near to his clear air up there
Beckoned by his branches -come, play!
Were they?

Will people seek solace 
Called by common-ground conscience
Hearing his cry -come up high!
I cannot ask anymore