Before begins the countdown
A single opportunity abounds
Surely you see it

Before I seek a new galaxy
The last simulation
The door closing

Before bedtime today
Knock, You
I’ll deny the universe begging

The Book and I

Name what it’s called when you cannot help but

Address each and every creature and the

City of emotions that washes over you, leaving you in a

State of awe? And, for those who feel

Zip? What do you call them?

comes good

why this day remember back

why see it sealed in history’s white book

when fire and oil must’ve met?

the first time the light streak heard its thunderous voice 

no -the unexpected, accidental, fated brush which brought blush

then quiet laughter and hard tears at the relief of it all


Curiosity is for others I knew
Curious I opened you
Crossed-out were all the meanings
Rewritten in red were the right ones you wrote
Green arrows referencing citatations to other languages
Not spoken before 
Pronouncing words to the best of my abilities
Curious I laid you down

Even At Lunch

Is there any way
You would read to me
Every day

Sit me down any where
Speaking with passion understood
Every where 

Your words pausing any place
Literary style demands
Every time

You may choose any book
My ears adore
Every genre