And then, daylight
Appeared — what for, this song
This soft white light
The quiet, cool exhalation
I’d waited a lifetime

None books I’d read
No wisdom sent my way
Foretold through the ages
Oh, those kind sages!
The wholesale beauty of you

Fan Fiction

My fingers, considering
Traveled across the spines
So many, so fine
Needing to feel
Some quality
Straight and narrow
Not papered over

Look at You, there
But out of circulation
Not knowing why
I take you
From the forbidden shelf
Give you my time
Forget to return you
No care for the fine

We Sleuth

Whether ink or lead
Or in aerosoled hue
I own thee, my friend
Placed my mark upon you

It’s your fault, inspirer
You’ve caused my daydream
Your borderless pages
From which you Love-scream

Never stop speaking
Such fanciful truth
I fight with you, write with you
Together we sleuth

(Original Thought Credit:
“Books make excellent companions.”
-James Howe)

Those Colors Again

Stacks of grand books
Her hands reaching out
Sometimes there’s someone to grab them

Body unclothed
Her tears crying out 
Never there’s anyone aware

Feet on the ground
Her mind reaching out
Always there’s nobody who’ll speak




tell the tale of how you would stack these rocks 

whether in rows or rings or to reach the starlight 

it may not be for me to know 

behind me is water 

a half-written life 

arms reaching ahead 

and north 

an imperfect I love you flies from my hand 

with a tail as long 



lovely as a book

Such is my soulmate
A book
A hardcover Guide To Kindness

This marriage 
No industry harm shall it do
Mixing anecdotes, poetry, humor

For love is truly love
Each genre held in high esteem 
Original edition, sacred