Land Brave

What historic shadows do we live with?
What bricked, mortared, and hole-riddled, but still beating heart will we keep saying suffices?
What love? What?
This battered banner
These stars
Ready now, to tell true stories
Able, finally
To let go
To grow


I have been to lavender fields on what you might call
“A great day.”
Oh that the flowers would have told me,
“Love buds not with him — come fast away!”
He’ll not pray that you sit
He’ll not fight the good fight
He’ll not be by your side ‘til the end
You’re the bride and the groom
You’re your own epic bloom
You’re your bravest and loving best friend


I braved the elements for you
Chill and loneliness barefoot
Shoulders faint, but unafraid

Shield extended to cover you

Hunter and warrior I’ve been
Provider, defender I’ll be
Our roles reversed

Sacrificing me
You self-destructed a time ago
Your supernova has felled thee

Brave the Sun

Were you here
If you dared

To be beside

As We
Careened too fast

Down some side street

I have traveled
Many times

And you’ve not

Would you
Summon courage

Brave the Sun
Look at me

And find yourself

Glad to notice
Remnants of
My morning coffee

Lingering, glistening
Upon upturned corners

Of my lips?


 Wondering, wandering, white-cotton boy
How many teeth did you see
As you made your way through
The waves of this World
Did water give respite to thee

Without wind or sail or even an oar
To propel your dreams onward to land
Did you bear your teeth only 
At darkness and fear
And when others sought help, gave your hand

He Hides

My feet finally rooted

I dare to the window to watch

The funny ol’ man who wanders with a triangular kind of walk, steady though

I listen faithfully for his footsteps, just because

Just because he almost never makes a sound otherwise

Except that he talks to the sunrise

And I’ll hear him again later when I sit for breakfast

Afternoons, while I’m in the yard, there’s the clickety-clack of his feet heading home 

Amusingly, and not often enough, he shouts random thoughts to the flowers, who he seems to love so well

Once, at breakfast, I got brave

I asked whether he was in need

I whispered actually, but he heard, then did at once oblige and set a spell

Now, at night, he knocks

I wake to talk, but he hides

Funny ol’ man