We Begin

An hour, now, clutching the cold morning coffee, an acrid-filled, comfortless cup.

Still dark.

Consumed, we, with what’s bearing down at the door — bellowing “more, more, and more!”

Its roar.

Will this new blanket be warm enough, this day sustain hope beyond the front-porch light?

Windows fogged.

Still, dawn’s bright, there, without, meets a heat — long-stored and stoked — here, within.

We Begin.


It is as if

When laying on the grass

Face to the sky

Which we all do

We see high noon through one eye

And midnight through the other

Which we all don’t

Bright then Dark

Breakneck speed

It is enough

Bright Side

Even if you’ve never known alone
May I pretend you were then
To think it breaks my (inaudible)
Though it heals my heart to think
I walked that bridge with you
I saw you delivered 
Safely to your daydream
Yours intact
Mine a pipe dream, as he foretold