Brother Blend

Coffee, simple coffee

I do not ask for more

Not a finer blend than my nemesis
Nor a larger cup than my neighbor

I can cultivate the fruit on my own
If the sun is not stolen away

I can create a rich roast to crush
If my body is not relegated

Conversations we could have
My brother

Would I pour for you
Would you pour for me

Would we meet for coffee each day

Goodness Forward

I see we
Coral reefs rebuilding
Faith and science merging
Fingers intertwining
Neighborly and such

Time to be
Touching at heart-level
With one cause, all rebels
Sisters, brothers ever
Keeping, caring much

One, two, three
Breaths, then best foot forward
Goodness in deed and word
See how heaven has heard
Angels among us


Well those days I swore at you were something
The one person who acknowledged my sorrow

A world-full, I had, and could no longer contain
Here atop my shoulders

So you came and took it upon yours
Shared the burden, my ride or die
Put me back in gear and on the road

If you stumble now and then
Send up a flare, a signal to me

I’ll see the smoke and I’ll know
To link arms with you, friend
To help make life okay again

May it be, my brother
May it be

Steph: An Epic Poem

I think,
Would be Stephanie
A love I didn’t know I needed
A friend from a Friend
Both martyred
For, what are true friends for?

Would have gifted me
A kind word
A wise word
Both since otherwise elusive in my world
For, looking back, what did I expect?

Steph, we’d have called her,
Would be a poem -nay, is a poem
A poem and sister to a brother
A work of art with no end, they are
Both Epic story-songs
For, hear thou, their lyrical air?

Would be safe from me now
A sword of truth having pierced my soul
A prayer of forgiveness asked
Both to self and sin, I desire to die
For what, but abandonment, is there?

Would be thirty soon
A soul eternal
A girl, a woman
Both alive
For, ‘tho I don’t deserve, why too am I?


Freckle-faced girl in the rainbow coat
Porcelain heart

You other girls with the unkind curls
Why, why
Won’t you 
Make her a part

She is my friend and she shares her coat
What cost
You cause
Her eyes cast down 

She found her smile in another place
My friend
She’s gone
A foreign town

Hope Monsters

Once our little brother
No compass to steer him other
Down the wide road he crept

Us, near and far
Though taught all we are
The water was warm, so we slept

Now dare we shout
As brother calls us out
Fathers’ ideals off-track

Family, know our slumber
Purposed his opportune plunder
Are we willing to admit we’re coal black

How is this for Hope
We’ll reign-in brother’s rope
As he sees us brave cold truth


If our souls don’t ask for our skin to touch
Then we won’t get
Where we need to be
If our arms aren’t soft while our will stays strong
Then we won’t claim
Our identity