The Truth Is

Yesterday felt like that strange, suburban taupe that fleeing people paint their houses.
As if to differentiate they made it out from the color, as if that is the goal.

The brass-ring door knocker the badge displayed, front and luke-warm center.
So as to say only some are welcome to come a-knocking.

Dare to spend the sweat to tear down the white-washed fences, to bring in the yellow.
To draw the eye from the curb to the threshold, to inside where the warmth is golden-brown.

When should we gather, finally gather, at a light-lit table and see the truth is black and white?
Today feels like that.


5 minutes to sunrise
Dash out

Climb to the highest height
Catch in your arms 
All I’ve promised from the East 

Add hope of your own

With all your might 
Fling-far to the West
Our new pact

5 minutes to sunrise
I dash out….


As that orb of warmth out there
Speak sweetly then
Despite today’s bitter news
Turn your smallest corners


Give a purposeful gift
Bringing brilliance
Urgent illumination
To other creation 

And I will too


Next in the dream-come-true
After all the gathering
And the love
And the rest
Dr. Maya waived me back
Knowing look in her eye
Yes on your test, she crooned
Miracle as it is in this advanced media age
Despite the education and planning and all
But there was that hope
Then the faith
What will you name it
7 Little Haiku Truths