At The Bell

Fling that thing to the Moon
That thing that’s ailing you
Red flags, white flags, too

It’s not a day too soon
Let’s leave crazy to loons
Whose flightiness consumes

Consider this day new
Its call goes out to you
To sing the champion’s tune

Double Helix

Mirrors and many things
Left behind
No longer serving to remind
All she disappeared into
It was a hollow
Worse than silence

Comes now each new day
A ringing out
In Chickadee song
So sweet, all I long for now
Is to hear her DNA daily
Feel her backbone & warrior call

unnamed well

 What is this like
To profess and proclaim
An adoration
Into a listening nowhere

What do you call that
The certainty swimming
The swirling unknowing
Words on invisible ears

To the unnamed well return
Again and again find it cooled
What is this like
What do you call that 


 Sweltering so 
the crickets knew something had to give. 
The call to come 
always interrupts dinner. 
that cannot be uttered at this table. 
Take leave to scream at the sky.
But we will return.