Sugar, speak

Speak aloud to the ghosts
On this journey, with you from an infant thing

You know they know you
They’ll believe you

Have no fear
For it’s rest you’ll find
In them

And laughter, then silence

Look for me

Bring us back to life


Absolutely as a mountain

Vast, ancient, complex

Unexplored by my eyes


Climb, I, your climate zones

Your staid steadies my feet

How am I to take nothing

This all you wish to give

Inhale a meditative Love

Exhale acceptance, heart

Come away untouched


Name This Poem

When you suppose your eyes

Close them whenever, what do you see


I see flowers that belong to you, although I have no proof

But it is your stare

From my best recollected memory

Through this whirlwind storm God permits

And this calm

From which I build my case


With tricky, new eyes
I’ll look back on these puzzling days
Whole again
Brazen somehow
Humbled, too, I hope
By how the pieces I thought held
Instead held the scattered jigsaw of me
With equanimity

Feathers and Lilies

It is well before dawn and the quiet inside 
The foreign and air-starved loud quiet inside
Finds me silently searching the strangest of voids
Where a grasp I despise sends me straight to my knees
And I’m told to not care for the question at hand

Or ask it in vain to the emptiest ears
Won’t the day come