Goodness Forward

I see we
Coral reefs rebuilding
Faith and science merging
Fingers intertwining
Neighborly and such

Time to be
Touching at heart-level
With one cause, all rebels
Sisters, brothers ever
Keeping, caring much

One, two, three
Breaths, then best foot forward
Goodness in deed and word
See how heaven has heard
Angels among us


There Is much to care about

She decided softly, coming out of the sleep, hoping it’d be sun-filled today

No One can tell you you can’t

Too old to pretend there isn’t a timekeeper ticking, tsk-ing, somewhere 

At all the actual missed, like yesterday’s newest flowers or the tea together 

And the perpetual wish to cook something with saffron

The absence, the questions, the thoughts, the things she needs help with

Those photos for example