Another Word For Coward

Cat and mouse throughout my dreams
At play, we
I don’t win

Pedigreed, you chose, not me — then you began again

The poor girl of your youth
I am
Too much proof of your roots

Together nevermore, old friend — how urban lights pollute

No Gown

Are we okay with being alone
With no other soul to hold the ladder
To stand by us, tasting, in the test-kitchen that is life

Allowing, for once, after all the illusion
When we release our grasp and find no one but ourselves

Need we ask why
What mythical stealth robbed us here
Who climbed into this tower, cat-like, to gleefully take

What will we make of it
This secondhand plan that has nothing to do with the tales we were told
A finer legacy, perhaps

Night Crazies

I’ve seen the future
It’s waking up alone
A smart screen left-untouched
Too long
Stream now gone dark

You forsook that post-dusk walk
Too alone
But for that cat
Third one, now
Avoiding you politely
Crazy like the others

Cat Call

I dreamed last night a calico cat
Scampered up to me
And my big, drooling, happy dog
Of a life!
Was it you?

If so, I badly want to say your name,
But won’t,

So, cat…

Why your lame leg
Why’d you pay no mind 
To the hindered, big, back foot of you
What do you wish I’d leave behind
And pay no mind to, too?

Words for Diamonds 

I’ll dare tell you how it feels

Feet kicked up

The late-afternoon sun coming at me

And all is silent since some tree somewhere took down a power line 

I couldn’t be more pleased

If there’ll be no hot water for my tea tonight 

Candlelight and the hope of tomorrow morning’s sun

Dampens any fear I have

Philosophically speaking

An alert cat and my stupid sense of hope

Along with a spirit-sister’s charge

Finds me feeling