The usefulness of tears
Like goodtime words
During midnight promises
Overrated, I promise

Necessary, nonetheless
When human tendency
Atom energy
And Universe certainty


Mist Unknown

Should we leave

Into the ministry unknown
Fine day or misty

Our thrill lies there

Sediment building here

As brain fog
As ankle chains, of sorts

Hearts at risk, lives at stake
Apathy and anarchy abound

Should we stay

Certain Genus

Find me in the reedy, agonizing greens and violent violets I never thought would hold my wings again.

Breathe with me, I beg you, as I flail, purposely so, deciding between the strange new Summer air or the viscous depths that would welcome me.

Pray for my soul, please, that the beautiful others, lost or prowling, don’t know I’m a threat or delicious at all.


Plowing through the wonder of if
The if only, the what if
The excitement and heartache of if
The I won’t give up on the if
The I do love you, not the if
Bulldozing down doubt around if

unnamed well

 What is this like
To profess and proclaim
An adoration
Into a listening nowhere

What do you call that
The certainty swimming
The swirling unknowing
Words on invisible ears

To the unnamed well return
Again and again find it cooled
What is this like
What do you call that