I will gift you
Machine man, me
Eyes clear now
Take your Soldier hand
Study, journey with you
This trip around the Sun
We familia

I will gift you
Speed demon, victory
Bodies torqued
This skin, yours
Time trials completed
Finish line, Westward
This whispered promise
We checkered-flags

I will gift you
Sugar boy, pie
Feed you tenderly
Sing to you
In perfect pitch
Make a wish
This catch-me vision
We with lights on

Grandiose Giggle

Some book or some manual somewhere
Warns of delusions as grand
As the ones
I believe
I’m OK
With the knowledge 

There are sunrises refusing to hustle
And sunsets equally reticent
But for my permission and wink

Rivers refuse to empty to sea
And winds wait in luffed sails
Lest my right hand’s at the helm and my left holds the lantern at 2:44 in the morn’

Artist’s notes will not paint
Or give wings to the heart
‘Til I dream that our feet give them grace to dance with

The Firework’s grand finale 
Along with The Checkered Flag 
For my nod
I am grand