Was the second time a siren sang
In that convicted Southern way
I’s given the alright
To take back what I Always knew was right
My Rock, my Desire is right here
Tight here
Or he is nowhere 

his girl

He calls Her “his girl”
He must love his Mom
Else where’d such affection been learn’d

He calls Her “his girl”
Time after time
And the light in his eyes, how it burns

He calls Her “his girl” 
Let her cherish it so
‘Tis a rare heart that ’round these words turn

On the Topic of Hope: Sunday, December 22, 2013

It occurred to me this morning that there’s no magic formula that one has to uncover and put in place in order to see our Creator and say with conviction, “I know Him.”

Please add your comments below, but the point here is that if we take a moment to notice what is going on within and around us, isn’t it true that we’ll be shocked at how often God offers us the chance to see and know Him?

When you look into a loved one’s eyes;

When you witness others’ acts of kindness, or are yourself moved to help;

When you step outdoors, hear the birds and feel the air on your skin;

When you hear the lighthearted laughter of others;

When you’ve done something you know to be against your conscience;

When you’ve been given an actual or symbolic gift…of freedom, of friendship, of family, of self-acceptance, of economic opportunity, of peace, of joy, of patience;

When you have a “near miss;”

When you sit quietly, wait expectantly and then your heart hears His voice;

When you are on the other side of a challenge or obstacle you thought you could never have possibly overcome;

When you are in trouble, there’s a tragedy or you learn that you or a loved one has a life threatening illness and you turn and say without realizing why, “please God….”

When, with acceptance of your circumstances -good or otherwise- you finally decide, “it is well with my soul.”

It is during those events and countless others that we’ve witnessed God at work in the lives of His creation. Through this, we become his students, observing Him, dialoging with Him, being amazed at and often times confused or even angered by His ways. ¬†Then the relationship begins…and digging into John 3:16 becomes something on our bucket list.


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