Sin and God

I see you tucked away, there in the corner of this epic adventure.
A stowaway undermining, under the guise of love and concern.

I come for inspection, to work, and for respite every couple of days and we lock eyes.
With your back to me, and a mirror before you, I watch you watch me plead hello.
There’s a reason you do not respond to my greetings until the awkwardness becomes too thick to ignore me anymore.

You’re stealing and hoarding and leveraging me and what’s mine.

The awesome view from on high.
The space I’ve created to just be.
The aura I emit.
My ample supply of lust and cinnamon breakfast cereal.
My apathy in attending properly to it all.

Until yesterday, when the doorman warned me, so gracefully, you must go.

More precisely that I must say to you.
When you’re here, you’re not yourself, thus this means it’s time.
The Welcome sign at my doorstep you’ve taken far too far, my friend….
It was never meant for you, you know, I see.
Sin and God told me.


In the perfect of now, get in line

Come see my spine
Singing prettily
My strong, fractured song

Standing upright, dancing, sprinkling
Cinnamon-sugar safety

In the spotlight of my doorstep

Mystic Brew

Only, only softness come ’round my shoulders today
Yesteryear’s harsh caress wiped clean
By a silly child’s clinging arms
The cinnamon purr of a warm West Wind
And Eastern kindness brewed just for me Mystically

Saffron or Something

 Your skin carries the scent
Of curry
But I’m not certain if it’s yours or mine
There’s no space between us 

Your lips remind of the burn
Of cinnamon
But I warn you to go lightly
There’s no accountability on my part
Going forward

Silk Or Cinnamon

I understand the search
The take-aim at the unknown for the purpose of purpose and peace

Back up to the moment when it slipped from our skin and we continued along, with barely a downward glance 

Feel from afar that moment we made the choice
To compromise
To acquiesce 
To call our own another’s yes

And be resolved

That unless there’s silk or cinnamon involved
To never slip again