Re: Incarnate

Memo to self:

When the sun goes down on all he said
I ask why
The battering continues

That the night, without reason
Brings more questions than respite
Is the very reason
I forsake
The bruises and words of him
This, our second time around

Her Elijah

Who am I if I
Cannot command the clouds
In this
Her hour of need, and summon from them
A hopeful down pouring
A covenant flood
While she, full of sorrow
Knows, at present, only drought?


It's late afternoon
So the clowns have come out
The clowns and their clouds have come out

Juggling the truth
Denying the light
Sure that they'll not lose the fight

I own afternoon
And ev'ning and morn'
In armor, I'm clad to the bone

It's late now, for you
So clowns take your clouds
Back to your faint-hearted home