June Will Be Okay

Deciding this morning whether
To be afraid for our weather

For this Earth
For its Underlings

I noticed triumph
Its and Theirs

I saw green, cold tears

There was little left to do
Open wide the window

Cry out
Three cheers for a cold victory!

Steel & Glass

Hold fast to speed
With horse-powered heart of cold, hard steel
That feeds the oats my hand cannot

Fall sleeping, glassy-eyed
A plasma world upon a wall I cannot penetrate
That feeds fairytales, as my feet live actually


To tip-toe eternal I am able
Though are you not bored with this gentle dance
Have you not tired of the dusty curtain calls
Or watched enough of me in the wings
Can I not come crashing through
And at your feet petition truth
I recall tenderness I could not have imagined
I pray and I trust you are warm with mercy
Where have I spent these years
Will the rest be so cold