And you don’t need it
Rocket fuel, though
For out-of-this-world ideals
Owned by idealistic men
Courageous ones with gall
With a willingness
To join hands with the Other
To answer
To make an admission, but never concede


We share Little in common
The Monk and Me
Soft, furtive early risers
Though grounded, I, facing West,
Facing East, He
And dining together, I linger
Dashes, He
Little Green Space we share, we

Blue-Green Bards

I’ll know you because
We drink from the same common-ground cup
Though we take our fair-trade tea differently 
I’ll invite you, you’ll invite me
To some talking-with somewhere
At the table there’ll be all the stories 
All the damn fine stories
The world ought to have wondered about
And with what wonder, they’ll raise their cups and clink and think
Grateful now, for our tales 
Thank-filled, for the truth now 
Not wanting the ado anymore 

The Battle of The Orchids

It’s why we had relative peace

Tho’ blue and red both 
Magenta suited us 

We smiled with eachother
Even when mad or weakened

Truths we spoke into being
During our long breaths together

We shared an ancient meal 
Despite our different appetites