To the squirrel who pilfered
To the rabbit who skulked
I stand by my poison pen

Gone be the peaches I nurtured since spring
Struck down, the sweat-sown echinacea

The day-long and long night, again and again
The witnesses to the crimes against friend

But rather than hate, abate, terminate

I give gratitudinous nod
To berry, bean, basil

And rose

See, me and my pen
Befriend, overcome

Thus, conquering peskiest pests

Worse Than Evil

You pretty poppy
In absence of evidence
Sentient and culpable

Gouged mine eyes
Conquered my brain
Euphoric rush

My soul, my skin
Rotted from without
Look at me

Look at me now!
From the depths of my downfall, I say
You pretty poppy


Conquer me in my sleep. Invade my dreams. My right thigh has flexed 
in preparation for battle.

I know you can do this, I know that you’re more than soft, broad feathers on your outside.

I am afraid. Kiss the fear from me -you have my permission. Then slay me with what I must learn.