Enter Into

Wanting to look
More deep into her eyes
Wanting this thing
More than breathing

Wanting to calm
What stutter-stops his voice
Wanting to know
What does he want

Enter into conversation
She will be your song
Enter into understanding
He will prove myth wrong

Starting at 9: a haiku

The conversations 
I’ll never have with people
Who do not know me

Just for example:
“You seem to want to suffer
What of Nirvana”

And here’s my best one:
“Marry me then, will you not
P.S., must love kids”

There are so many
’twas surely my delusion
Unending it seems

And my newest gaffe:
I noticed I adored you.
Which must mean trouble

got to remain

One lazy sofa chair
The color of toasted hay
To set and stare out with you
There before the picture window
Ella in the air
Louis hamming
A roundest table considers with us
The calm and the busy 
Whatever would we talk about 

widening hollow

Photographs and conversations
The primary goal
Then all they would lead to as well

Upon looking right
There was nothing there
And ahead, just the back of a frame

How long can one breathe in
The dust from the haste
The despair from being left in it