It would take ten thousand tyrants, a village of villains and one hell of a heartless hedonist

To tread where you trod

To do what you did

To throw away this

Spring Green

There was in that dark house
A dark corner
Barricaded by a bookcase
Shelves of borrowed, unused wisdom
Visitors might only glimpse

One trying afternoon
Two deja vu’s too many
A final conversation
A one-sided determination
A voice overdue journeyed forth

And She Said
Let there be light
For She Knew
There should be light
There can be color

There in the aftermath
A dark mess
Cobwebs and chipped paint
A different bookcase revealed
She scrubbed and painted Green



Should the sunrise be at your back
Today, or for a spell
Won't you carry on?

Let those on the shoreline
Seeing their truth for the first time
Have their realizations

If you're facing darkest unknowns
Light can only follow you

Map Dot

I live
On a little vintage street 
In a little sunny home
With a little strapping kid
Where the biggest courage looms 
For the biggest of ideals
At the biggest point in time
I live


Reluctant to berth
Determined to tread
With bronzed, coppered skin
And hanging within
The cast, iron heart
Forged just for your Hand
That Hope
From East to West 
Proved up
Makes dry land