NOW COMES the Respondent, another wave in the tide

A meritless crash upon an innocent shore

Another Excuse lacking an answer

Forcing me to question my sun and my senses

Allege a wrongdoing, a heartbreak, a theft

And cry a toddler’s tantrum as the sand swallows then recedes from my feet

Side Impact

It would be as if some wild mass
One that’d further made me joyous
Crashed into me
Then died
Once God’s plan’d
Crashed into it
And I, now differently affected
Was forced to continue
As if


Yes it Is true

We are not the only ones
Wearing damaged front bumpers

Crinkled and crunched
Out of zeal

Loose now, at the edge
Rambling, but hanging on 

Let your body write That check
Cry for a Day

Then Stop

No One hopes to hear
Such crashing about