Winter Proof

Ended as it began

These dark days of November through January
Dancing in digital
Parallel and alone

Yet in analog, earnestly asking
Feigning a truth on behalf of some good cause

Forgiveness follows now, as it must
Lest Winter become as liquid courage
That most dangerous thing

Heaven, Here

It's our backyard
We're allowed
We allow ourselves
Such rights
As to keep a few toys strewn about
Such pleasures
Of the dancing of sun and shadows
Upon the nearly too-long grass
That feels so silky
So blessedly silky
Against our ankles and feet
And the breeze….


I plan to be taken
To a place
Where my skin
Shines bright
In the warmth
Of The sun.

To a land
Where The language
“Come up too high.”
“Wear this flower.”
“Live this life.”
“Come undone,”