Come, world
Come crashing down
Just as you have threatened

While we stand up straight

Just as we have prepared
Come watch our audacious dance
Come, world 

Dare the Door

I will sit all day
With my back to your door
Not caring if I’m surprised
I’ll watch most boldly
With kindness and dare
That your gaze would find my eyes 

Should you choose to hear
The voice in your head
That tells you to seek my frame
I’ll step to your side
Let others walk by
The world will not be the same 

Dare Us

Hey Galaxy
Give up your best tragic smile

From out of the dark look us square in the eyes
Like it’s the first time
Like it’s the last time

Kick out your knee and with one hand in your hair, use the other to calm down your thigh

Tell us you’re leaving
Part your lips and dare us to come with