Black White Light

Where is that storm I summoned
To keep me on my heels
From whom others retreat
As I instead advance

One with fierce energy
That will match intellects
Against all odds draw near
Whose heart I need not fear

Sleep Demons

It’s not our fault, the night
Racing in to become the pace car to our heart rate
That it might conquer

Why weave these words, darkness, ’round our ankles?
Utterances we used to need to hear, that would have us walking tall?

I can’t say your name, but your number, I know
‘Til my last breath, I call you the liar you be

Your wishing to blackmail
Your attempt to bruise
Reality we now enjoy

Ask us to wrestle, and wrestle we will
For you have lost us
To flowers and fauna
Forever to smiles from friends

And over again


Theater of the absurd

You, an understudy into perpetuity, and not a soul who will say why

Though they know

Sworn to silence by some darkness, by some angel

Enter they, the arena, to take their places, their cues

Applaud, then heckle, then leave without a fight, or even debate

You Remain

Then you are ruin
A puddle stepped in by mistake
And not out of Vivre!

You are confetti 
The nuisance forgotten 
And not the heralded 

You are the dark
Shuttered away alone
Not the blessed cool of eve’