Bring on The Day

Sometimes pre-dawn feels like a SOS
An awakening, born out of distress

It is said back pain and a broken heart
Are the tools with which we turn life to art

If the angst you carry feels as though it’ll kill you
Then for certain, baby, morning holds your breakthrough

I Lied 

The battle is twofold
And feels insurmountable 

Truth comes from the North 
And appears as the enemy

Illness attacks at Dawn
And the signal is giv’n

At these intersections, I must choose
And I conclude, I’ll live to fight

Befriend the enemy 
And let it slay hope at Dawn

Thanking Her Senses 

The furnace having done its job

Basks now, contentedly 

The boy asleep at daybreak’s glow 

Breathes rhythmic, calming me

The feline drowned in blanket rolls

Purrs more, despite her cool 

The dawn as pleased as she can be

Sits smiling, rosy fool


A notion arose
With the rain
The light
The flower petals each

The hope shone
Then on bird’s wing
On bee’s brow
On childrens’ wisdom hence

On truth’s dusk
Where with Autumn chill
With anguished pill
With hope debrided

Feathers and Lilies

It is well before dawn and the quiet inside 
The foreign and air-starved loud quiet inside
Finds me silently searching the strangest of voids
Where a grasp I despise sends me straight to my knees
And I’m told to not care for the question at hand

Or ask it in vain to the emptiest ears
Won’t the day come