Some Day

“December,” someday, you’ll hear me say, “you’re small. Someday you’ll not dwell here, at all.”

“Flameless light, unconvincing tinsel — your legacy-less, grey-sky stare no longer rejects me.”

Expect me, someday, December, to say, “Gaze you, into some placid pool, reflecting — see now what I see when I see you.”

Icy heart, frozen love, ticking clock — your time winds down…down…down

Three, Two, One…you found out I found you out….

See yourself out

“I’m as May, you’re September, December.”


So shallow sun
You’re on your way, I see
I, unwittingly lingering at the South end of the street,
Noticed you
And remembered, too
The promise of That December day
Also on its way
Whence I became oh-so-able to endure your tallest morning shadows