Accessed Abundance

And so the bus took me
Careened into my path and made me say goodbye long before I’d feel able

The undercurrent drew my name
Encircled my entrenched legs, thinking, “Why wait another night?”

Here I live now

No where to sit except pretty
No place to swim but the deep

None ticket nor tide table in hand
These things are not needed


I wonder if I can be found
At the perfect
I here, there with you
When you think you are crumpled
In the dark 
And lost to the light 

I need not wonder 
I know 
I was gifted
This cape 
And in Summer you were born 


Since childhood
This morning
I love the unexplained
The camel caravan 
The deep
I search the gray matter

You the lynchpin
For then and now
The love explained
The morning quest
The amber
I find the merit 

And lick my lips