I braved the elements for you
Chill and loneliness barefoot
Shoulders faint, but unafraid

Shield extended to cover you

Hunter and warrior I’ve been
Provider, defender I’ll be
Our roles reversed

Sacrificing me
You self-destructed a time ago
Your supernova has felled thee

Warrior, Defender

What is this we say
Words have power?
To send them out as little soldiers
Do we?
Dressed in armor plus tiny swords
Or in humility, altogether naked
Regardless revealing our hearts

When with any thought
Words can heal?
To speak them forth as mighty ministers
Ought I?
What bidding do I demand of them
Or in vulnerability, lowly ask
No matter what I stand to lose

Judge Not

And all over the place
What a mess you’ve to clean
Yet there down at My feet
On the ground
Dirtying your white with the bloody, brokenness of my heart 
You are
Picking carefully up, dutifully up
Each piece, one after the next
Defending me against the mess
I’ve allowed
Asking me against my better judgement
That I always allow
That I forever leave
My heart
And all over the place