One fluid motion this life
Don’t let the fits and starts fool you
A seeming inability to find what it’s all for
When people pain your heart
Love them aloud anyway
Should the days forbare to reveal truth
Herald the light nonetheless
Befriend all of nature
Indulge noisy children
Sing a workaday’s song
To the water’s depth, say, “OK”
At the end of the day, this is what it’s all for
Don’t let your eyes miss the overflow
One silken strand this life to weave
Photo Location: Bay View, Wisconsin’s Avalon Atmospheric Theater

yet alone

I was the one with saddened eyes
Through no fault but mine own
I faced the world with broken smile
Surrounded yet alone

And then I fell into your light
And then I saw your voice 
Though all the shallow prodded me
Your depth received my choice