Ask too many questions
Think too many thoughts
See what you don’t see, but want to
Do too many oughts

Now, if grit and faith were gold
A sultan I’d outspend
For all the “oughtn’t haves” I did
I have become truth’s friend

Inspirational Credit: Ruth 1:19 “So they two went until they came to Bethlehem.”

Fired Up

You’ve mistaken me
Forgotten I’d told you

My childhood day-to-days fuel me still
Hope beyond reason
Vision despite the midnight blue
These ever-present gifts to me

I’ve years to your Days
In your all-knowing, understand this

You’ve nothing to give
That I haven’t got


Somewhere between rounding third

And sliding into home

I’m hamstringed

I stop

I fall

I decide

I’ll not be tagged

There in the middle-ground

Could I crawl back and recover?

Counting on my brother’s full count

His double

Sweet time

His home run hit

Sweet savior

Instead I stand again

A fool, for certain

A rocket gone awry, we’ll see

But to the delight of the crowd

I seek home


Yes and I did not sleep warm last night
While each sentence you speak thinks now it holds leverage with my sleepy senses
In fact it holds none
My muddled thoughts aren’t muddled at all
They are determined
To not be 
So I can clearly tell this
I love who I see
A weakness of mine I’d not trade as a weaker one would
Though I marvel at the back 
And forth
I don’t tire
It is why you still stand 

My Beloved Son

One mismatched mile
One checkered step
And the next
Then however hundreds more
Add the many thousands until
There you find her
Lightning and leather
Turn her soft shoulders gently West
Take off her sunglasses
Hand her the keys
Ask her again
Put your foot down
And drive I say