Oh Words

Each of us


(asserted, channeling Dr. Angelou’s assertiveness)

Is defined not by the dictionary-eyes of casual glancers

Nor by the information-containing codewords from our fathers

Fallen or otherwise


Each of us


Is defined by the footstep-shaped letters we leave for others

And by the blessed word riding, wafting, if you will, on our very next breath

Intended or otherwise



I needed a prop
You were All I could find
You’ve always been at hand
I’ve forever loved you

As a child, I scoured your pages
And meditated on your wonder
Today, I tucked you under
And meditated on your spine

I’ll always keep you just this close
I’ll forever love you
And my Thesaurus too

Art Credit: “Supporting The Question” Jeremy Shamrowicz; Milwaukee River Walk, Milwaukee, Wisconsin