I braved the elements for you
Chill and loneliness barefoot
Shoulders faint, but unafraid

Shield extended to cover you

Hunter and warrior I’ve been
Provider, defender I’ll be
Our roles reversed

Sacrificing me
You self-destructed a time ago
Your supernova has felled thee

Nervous Tics

I’d never ask you to be invisible with me.
The impossibility of it.
Though, I sometimes summon you silently, then think better of speaking aloud.
But we both hear me, don’t we?
We both know it ends there.
For your magic is more.
Different than my magic is.
You make the good appear.
I make the bad go away.


I always made her wait
’til Thursday 
To cry

“That’ll teach you,” I commanded, 
“to feel, to wish and need.”

Someone, but not I
Might’ve offered mercy
But why

“The more tears, the more mess,” I understood.
“And further,” I’d chide, “you cannot permit pieces of who you are to escape and run free -there’s no one who’ll care to clean up after you.” 

Then she’d quiet down and stop expecting
She’d fall asleep, and dreamless be
She’d go. Goodbye. 

“If I could be bothered to wonder,” I thought aloud, 
“I’d ask where.”