Under The Tree

I wish your teacher
Hadn’t taught you hardball
Or you’d have played a bit softer with me

And had I needed
Not to wipe the sweat from your brow
You’d be sleeping, I’d be living a life

Flee now, rejection!
Else I wish forever more
On this Earth, in my dreams, and in heav’n

Dream-like State

I hope you continue crazy
You must, I say, you must!
I dare you to follow The truth
For if you don't, you'll rust.
Beneath you, keep your wheels turning
The traction of you inspires.
We need you, us dreamers
Yes, you!
Lest others snub out our fires.


The happenstance plan
Under the stars and string lights
With the city beat-beating below
It was only some dream

The welcome interruption
For once, a green dress and escape
Whispers in Spanish, not saying no 
It was a safe, motorcycled yarn