You, Pontiac boy
Ever-beaconing muscle-car radio
Oldies songs all the way
Turned up

I, Chevy girl
Ever-grasping the volume knob
Ripped it off, tossed it out
My window

Pictured us
Forever grooving, reminiscing
Life-long love song
We’d drive

Not Humored

A gorilla behind the wheel

Surely you see the humor

And he’s brilliant, after all

If you’re outside looking in….

…but inside….

Gripping at anything stationary

Having stopped laughing miles and miles ago

You rethink genius, throw a banana in the backseat

And resume your route to the zoo

My Beloved Son

One mismatched mile
One checkered step
And the next
Then however hundreds more
Add the many thousands until
There you find her
Lightning and leather
Turn her soft shoulders gently West
Take off her sunglasses
Hand her the keys
Ask her again
Put your foot down
And drive I say