Somebody tell that man there are only so many starlit nights we’re allowed, that the sands of time won’t stop collecting around my ankles, that I’m beginning to believe that Stardust is my maiden-voyage name, and that surely I will soon sink in this sea….


This is my own tragedy
This telepresence, of sorts
I, loving you

Self-created, for my imagination is that of a girl reading far too many fanciful tales of interplanetary affection and of camel-led caravans of the Orient
The dust of this all still surrounds me

Something I alone permit
Against God’s will,
I believe in you

Love Dust

With what gloves do you handle
Your mother
The one who wonders at you
What pieces of your heart do you hold
For her alone
Will you rise to all she knows you are
And meet her at her pace
Catch her if you can!

With what boots do your walk upon
Your mother
The one who provides for you
What segment of your sinew do you share
For her creatures
Will you champion her air and terroir
And give your dying breath
Back from whence you came!



By force, I was an outsider

To survive, I willingly walked

From comfort

To a foreign land

With the hope of finding a home

I traveled by night, hiding 

For more than anything, I feared

You’d pluck me from my journey

Back to prison 

It was the distance that kept me

From hearing the party you held

I looked down at my knees

Denim and dirt covered 

The biggest holes I’d ever seen

Worn through

My struggle evident to me now

I was adrift in the desert

You’d no plan to look for me

I spent the rest of my days in the dust

The sun large in a larger sky 

Deliriously happy 

Desperately heartbroken 


Isn’t it enough to send you
The notion
The gall
The balls of it all

What white coat ought you report to 
‘Twas witchcraft
‘Twas lies
‘Twas dust in your eyes

All the hell you put yourself through
To know life
To thrive
To More Than Survive