Pulsar Day

What if I befriended time
Then took its outstretched hand

Separation was no more
Despite life’s shifting sand

Daytime, nighttime were as one
Without the fear of loss

Silver seconds, yearnless years
And age no bridge to cross

I beckon thee to join with me
In unrelenting drive

To put away some thought of death
To embrace what’s alive

Each minute is a golden hour
Each breath a pulsar day

When time gives us its outstretched hand
We must not look away

Denim Brother

This is for you and not me
Not we, not us
Nor those or they

You are to know that you’re valued
And needed and good just as is
No more, no less ought there be

I step in and not too close
Hoping you’ll hear
You’re grand, but not with your ears

Maybe my forearms
Around your denim back
Will tell all that needs to be told

What that my heart decrees 
Come chest to chest
To beat with yours ever so near

I will not release you
I’ll never release you 
And all that I wish is your sigh