The Book and I

Name what it’s called when you cannot help but

Address each and every creature and the

City of emotions that washes over you, leaving you in a

State of awe? And, for those who feel

Zip? What do you call them?

An Appeal

Others’ voices
Talking to
Talking at
And never with
The other
Conversations in kind, not in fact

Open windows
I’m forced
I’m compelled
And in good faith
I’m open
Answers to be sought, with courage

The Campaign

Hiding here
For ten years now
In fear or some similar thing
Built without my permission
Tried I did at logic-play
Slapped down
In favor of tastier aesthetics
The lure of shine
Of postured fun
Having now run its course
I stand behind it all
‘Twas true
You don’t know Me
I don’t know You