Rod & Reel

Move amongst who’s quick to quip
“I love you,” and the like
Together, if even apart

Find yourself offering up applause
Whether they crush it
Whether they barely manage a tick

An, “atta boy”
An, “atta girl”
In this life and beyond

Ode To You

You might be the one
In cement there
At the bottom of the steep, steep ascent
Holding on for dear life wondering
Can I?

You might be the one
Under dark skies here
Unable to navigate or follow through 
Pining for your sea legs
What then?

You might be the one
Overcome now
Thoughts of what could go, may go, wrong 
Aching and afraid, wishing
If only?

Ascend and see
Look far and smell the salt air
Breathe deep and find
You might be the one